About Marja

I was born in Ridderkerk, The Netherlands June 14th 1983. As a small child I was entirely in the spell of music and dancing. After the primary school I went to athenaeum at the Gemini College in Ridderkerk.

I had several plans. Thus, I really wanted to go to an Art Academy or dancing school, but after acquiring my athenaeum diploma I started to study mathematics at the University of Utrecht. Here I've been active in the study association A-Eskwadraat where in 2004-2005 I suspended my study to take place in the board of A-Eskwadraat.

Now I got my Bachelor-degree Mathematics and I'm following the two-years materprogramme BIS (Biomedical Image Science).

In May 2005 I have participated in a stylingcampagne of Andrélon. My photograph has been published in the Libelle nr39. I loved posing for the camera so much that I started to search for several photographers to create my portfolio. Since December 2005 I've been very busy with modelling and I have participated in commercials, videoclips and now I've had approximately 100 photosession. You can see the result in my portfolio. The contact and the cooperation with the photographers, make-up artists and stylists is a lot of fun and it gives such a rush when you see the fantastic results afterwards. Modelling is a hobby for me, where I can entirely live it up myself!